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Welcome Me as I Am lunchtime Seminar Programme - 2016

Golf Road Centre, Golf Road, Deal

The lunchtime seminar seminar programme this year will focus on topical issues and innovations in our work with people whose lives are touched by dementia or mental healh problems.  Each seminar consists of a brief input followed by opportunity to discuss the issues raised in a safe and constructive setting. The seminars will be of interest to those working in the statutory and as well as the Faith based,  voluntary and independent sectors.

All the seminars are facilitated by Ben Bano, Director of ‘Welcome Me as I Am’ and Telos Training Ltd. Lunch and refreshments are available from 1200 noon at the Golf Road Centre and the sessions commence at 1230. For booking details please see below:

14th July 2016:  'I can give as well as receive' - exploring a co-production approach to care and support in dementia. Co production is a process whereby people are able to contribute on an equal basis to being part of their community and social networks.  We become active paricipants raher than passive recipients of services. In this session we will explore innovative practice from across the UK in working with co-production and implications for our local services

9 September 2016:  ‘Its still ME Lord': Spirituality and Personhood as dementia advances. When memory fades as dementia advances, familiar prayers and hymns are often still remembered. In this seminar we focus on how a focus on spirituality can promote personhood and enable a person to maintain their identity and dignity. Drawing on his pastoral experience Ben will focus on the importance of promoting spirituality at the end of life.We will focus on practical ways in which we can promote the well being of service users and wellbeing.

14 October 2016: Using the Compassionate Mind’.  In this seminar we explore compassion based approaches to our work with service userswith  dementia and mental health problems  as well as carers which have been developed by Professor Paul Gilbert. We will focus on ways in which this approach can reframe feelings of anger and resentment into feelings which are nurturing and optimistic. The seminar will provide a basis for further exploration of this helpful approach.

Booking Details

All  seminars will be held at the Golf Road Community Centre, Golf Road, Deal, between 1230 and 1400 hrs. Admission is free. A contribution to expenses will be requested.   Please register your interest with Eventbrite using this link.

For more details please contact Ben Bano at using our contact form  or on 07887 651117.

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